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Diablo II (2000)

Action Roleplay Horror Top-down 3rd person perspective Isometric perspective Hack 'n Slash 25.Sep 2021

After Tristram was saved, the hero who killed Diablo has been troubled, becoming increasingly reserved. One day he just disappears, muttering something about travelling east - always to the east. Turns out he took the soul of prime evil onto himself. Soon after this, evil follows in his wake, laying waste to Tristram and everyone in it. Evil has survived and it has a name; Diablo.

The roleplaying phenomenon that caught everyone's attention back in 1996 is back with five different classes, each with their own skills and playstyles. The game features four acts where the goal…

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Cobra Triangle (1989)

18.Sep 2021

Boat racing and snakes? In Cobra Triangle that's a common reality as you navigate 25 different levels with varying objectives. There are seven types of objectives, from the simple race…

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Tales of Phantasia (1995)

4.Sep 2021

Play as the main protagonist named Cless Alvein who one day when out boar hunting hears the town alarm bells. When they rush back they find the town of Totus…

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Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (1987)

21.Aug 2021

Larry er en 40 år gammel skallet jomfru som har bodd hos moren sin hele livet. Nå har han bestemt seg for å legge alt dette i fortiden på jakt…

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Volfied (1991)

1.Aug 2021

The world of Volfied is under attack from alien invaders. With the help of the space ship Monotros your objective is to move around the screen and cut out shapes…

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Rainbow Islands (1990)

21.12.2018 Oppfølgeren til Bubble Bobble lar deg kontrollere de små kidsa Bub og Bob som viste…

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Half-Life (1998)

20.Dec 2013

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Master of Orion (1993)

Developer: Simtex Publisher: Microprose Software, Inc.

3.Dec 2006 I løpet av tidlig 90-tall, var Microprose som en godterimaskin av solide titler. Et av dem er dagens omtale. Master…

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Game universes are here!

Game universes are here!


Just like games belongs to one of several categories, some of them also belong to a wider family that all kind of relate to each other. Take The Lion King and Aladdin for instance. While…

Three of Blizzard's classic games now available in the Blizzard Arcade Collection

Three of Blizzard's classic games now available in the Blizzard Arcade Collection


Three of Blizzard's original classics are coming to a collection called Blizzard Arcade Collection. The collection includes Rock 'n Roll Racing, The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. While some of these, like Rock 'n Roll Racing,…

The Annual 12 Days of Christmas 2020 Begins 12th of December!

The Annual 12 Days of Christmas 2020 Begins 12th of December!


That's right! As usual we're counting down the days to Christmas with our annual 12 Days of Christmas. That means one new game added every day from the 12th to the 23rd of December. This…

Game name aliases are finally here!

Game name aliases are finally here!


Way overdue and long in the making, game name aliases is finally here!!!

With this, we can finally present the games under their original names and not only english. This will help researchers and trivia…

Summer Gaming Memories

Summer Gaming Memories


While some may have to change their plans this summer due to the pandemic, some plans don't rely on where you are. You know, reading a book, watching a cartoon perhaps or participating in some…

The Retro Spirit presents: Game Worlds!

The Retro Spirit presents: Game Worlds!


As we've previously played through various old games in our series of Re-visits, of which contains quite the amount of videos, we're now venturing into a new foray. Exploring digital creations and imaginary wonderlands in…

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