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Amazon: Guardians of Eden (1992)

A FMV adventure game about an Amazonian expedition gone awry. The story follows the story of Jason Roberts who must…

Published: 22.Jun 2024
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Dungeon Siege (2002)

In the land of Aranna, Evil Krugs are on the rise, destroying the Kingdom of Ehb, piece by piece. That's…

Published: 19.May 2024
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Red Earth (1996)

Somewhere, in an alternate universe, Earth anno 1999 has stagnated its technnological advances and is stuck in some kind of…

Published: 21.Apr 2024
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Knights of the Round (1991)

A side-scrolling beat 'em up loosely based on the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round. Take…

Published: 31.Mar 2024
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Metal Slug (1996)

Side-scrolling shoot 'em up with incredible attention to details, large hordes of enemies and vast array of weaponry. Shoot everything…

Published: 29.Feb 2024
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Progear (2001)

Sometime in the past, the people of the country of Parts had found a way to become immortal, but only…

Published: 24.Feb 2024
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Ghost Lion (1989)

Once upon a time, a great white lion attack the village of Maria and her parents, after which it ran…

Published: 10.Dec 2023
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Comix Zone (1995)

A unique beat 'em up set to the universe of comics. Sketch Turner an aspiring artist, is transported into the…

Published: 19.Nov 2023

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Kuru Kuru Kururin (2001)

Developer: Eighting Co., Ltd. Publisher: Nintendo Co., LTD

Ever thought about navigating mazes in your ever revolving helicopter? Me neither, but here we are!

Kuru Kuru Kururin…

Published: 13.Dec 2022
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Golden Sun (2001)

Forces of darkness are pursuing the lost art of Alchemy and it's up to you and your companions to twart…

Published: 19.Dec 2022
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Ys: The Vanished Omens (1987)

Developer: Nihon Falcom Corp. Publisher: Nihon Falcom Corp.

Hailed as one of the few JRPGs that saw success outside of Japan (others include Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior…

Published: 30.Jul 2018
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Holiday Lemmings '94 (1994)

Developer: DMA Designs Publisher: Psygnosis Limited

Joda, helt riktig. De er små, de liker å gå i en spesifikk retning (gjerne mot høyre) og det er…

Published: 20.Dec 2015
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Super Metroid (1994)

Sist gang vi så Samus Aran kjempet hun mot “Mother Brain” og reddet galaksen fra total ødeleggelse. Spillet som egenhendig…

Published: 17.Dec 2015
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Pokémon Red Version (1996)

Developer: Game Freak, Inc. Publisher: Nintendo Co., LTD

Du har endelig fått din helt egne Pokémon-lisens, men du er fullstendig nybegynner! Kun trening vil hjelpe, så sett sandalene…

Published: 16.Dec 2015
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Kingdom at War (1995)

Developer: Interscan Publisher: Manaccom Pty Ltd.

I fantasiens navn kommer det aldri å ta slutt på kongeriker som må nedkjempes, prinsesser som må reddes og tunge…

Published: 15.Dec 2015
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Pirates! Gold (1993)

Developer: MPS Labs Publisher: Microprose Software, Inc.

Hvis du alltid har hatt lyst å seile din egen sjø har mulighetene aldri vært bedre enn idag. Med kompassnålen…

Published: 13.Dec 2015

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A milestone: Nearing 3000 registered users!

A milestone: Nearing 3000 registered users!

01.04 2024
Wow, who saw that one coming? Over the years we've seen a steady increase in user registrations on the site which is great. User accounts are used for a variety…
Get ready for 12 Days of Christmas 2023!

Get ready for 12 Days of Christmas 2023!

02.12 2023
Once again it's that time of the year! As usual we're counting down the days to Christmas with our annual 12 Days of Christmas and that means one new game…
We'll be covering live from the Edison 2023 Demoparty!

We'll be covering live from the Edison 2023 Demoparty!

20.05 2023
Together with [Ericade Radio]( we'll be live on the air to cover the [Edison 2023 Demo party]( Each year has a different theme, and as last year was `Data Jungle`,…
12 Days of Christmas 2022 is going on the AIR with Ericade Radio!

12 Days of Christmas 2022 is going on the AIR with Ericade Radio!

19.11 2022
Just like in tradition, we'll be kicking off this year's 12 Days of Christmas the 12th of December, which means one game added to the site every day from the…
Retro Summer Games - 2022!

Retro Summer Games - 2022!

31.07 2022
Summer's here and in true style fashion most people are enjoying vacations, some extra spare time and perhaps also time to re-visit some old games from their past. If you're…
Introducing our Music Player!

Introducing our Music Player!

15.01 2022
If you've visited The Retro Spirit - Since 1832™ anytime in the past, you may have noticed our audio offering, The Retro Radio. The radio did mostly what you'd think,…
12 Days of Christmas 2021 Begins 12th of December!

12 Days of Christmas 2021 Begins 12th of December!

14.11 2021
That's right! As usual we're counting down the days to Christmas with our annual 12 Days of Christmas. That means one new game added every day from the 12th to…
Game universes are here!

Game universes are here!

14.06 2021
Just like games belongs to one of several categories, some of them also belong to a wider family that all kind of relate to each other. Take The Lion King…