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The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble (1995)
Adventure Bizarre Humor Point & Click Puzzle

After centuries of staying underground, humans resurface to find the planet taken over by peace-loving Boozooks. In true human nature,…

Published: 29.Jul 2022
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Clock Tower 2 (1996)
Point & Click Puzzle Horror Detective / Mystery 3rd person perspective Survival Horror

After escaping the evil Scissorman in the first game, main protagonist Jessica Simpson was adopted by Helen Maxwell, an assistant…

Published: 7.Aug 2022
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Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (1988)
Adventure Bizarre Point & Click Puzzle Sci-fi

Aliens have built a machine that's turning everyone really dumb and it's up to Zak, a reporter for the National…

Published: 12.Dec 2022
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The Neverhood (1996)
Adventure Humor Point & Click Puzzle

Waking up in an unknown room in the world of Neverhood, Klaymen must explore the surroundings to uncover what's going…

Published: 20.May 2023
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Realms of the Haunting (1996)
Action Adventure Point & Click Puzzle Horror Detective / Mystery FPS

The story begins with Adam Randall that has had nightmarish dreams of a house after his father's death which happened…

Published: 27.May 2023
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